Steven Vanackere - deadly MONUSCO plane crash in the DRC
Date Uploaded: 4/6/2011
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Wire Type: Press Release
Issued by: Steven Vanackere (Foreign Minister - Belgium)
Issues [Sub-Issues]: Foreign Policy [Africa, Eastern Europe]
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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Steven Vanackere expressed his sorrow on learning of the plane crash yesterday afternoon in Kinshasa when a Georgian Airways plane, which was regularly used for the flights between the cities Kisangani and Kinshasa on behalf of the United Nations’ peacekeeping Mission (MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), crashed during landing.

Two Belgians who worked for MONUSCO were among the victims of the crash.

Minister Vanackere offers his personal condolences to the victims’ families and has offered official condolences on behalf of the Belgian Government to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

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